Onward. Westward.

In only four weeks I will be both living and working in a new place. Sure, I’ve made these changes before: new job, new apartment. But this is different, because both of these new places are further than across town. They’re further than across the border into another familiar New England state and further even than a long drive to Philadelphia or a short plane ride to Chicago.

In four weeks I will be living and working in San Francisco.

I don’t mean to be dramatic in my writing when I say this, but this is the most radical thing I’ve ever done in my life. And yet… I feel oddly at ease. My excitement has been repressed in a sense because of the myriad of details that must be attended to: wrap up things at work, get rid of things I don’t need to bring across the country, find somebody to sublet my room, and so on and so forth. But beyond that I still sense it… an unexpected calmness that says: “You need this. And you will be great”.

Findery, here I come!

Today I can officially annouce that I will be accepting a position to join the team at Findery and start working on a product that, while I’ve only been using it for a week or two now, I adore. Findery (for me, anyhow) is all about sharing experiences we’ve had at specific places, or as the tagline explains, “Findery makes places come alive”. But that’s what is really great, don’t you think? That’s what Findery is about for me. Having chatted with the team (and some actual users) at the Findery open house last week, I can tell that the ways people will use Findery are going to be vast and varied.

To the West

Of course, the other half of this story is the move across the country to a brand new city, and it should not go understated. “Why San Francisco?”, I’ve already been asked. Sure, it has really nice weather, and a decent vegan culture, and a TON of cool things happening, but the initial decision transcended those aspects. The reason I can’t wait to be in San Francisco is that I long to be surrounded by people working tirelessly to make incredible things with technology. Things that will change lives. Things that will influence others. Things that will bring a smile to the face of millions, or even just one, person.

It goes without saying that the developer culture in San Francisco is strong, and the prospect of continually meeting and working with people who are as passionate about work and creation as I am is extremely attractive to me. Whether it’s code meetups, conferences or casual encounters, I’m ready to expand my network of influential human beings.

Stay weird, Vermont

Vermont isn’t going anywhere. Nor is the New England I was raised in and all of its eccentricities. If or when I decide to venture back to the East Coast, I expect I’ll find the culture of people much the same, and there is something mildly comforting in that. The culture of Vermont has truly molded me over the past six years, both spiritually and philosophically (and maybe physically, Mike thinks as he trims his beard and dons flannel).

But, for now at least, that isn’t quite enough for me. I need fast-paced and influential and inspiring and transformative and informative! I need life! Making this move puts me out of my comfort zone in so many aspects and I love that. For better or for worse (with a much stronger sense of “better”), I dive into the unknown.

Make way for magic! Make way for objective mysteries! Make way for love!