Time blindness

I’m here for the weekend; a small pond on the elbow of the Cape. A beautiful house, a small gathering of friends, new and old.

Breakfast in the kitchenette with the sun streaming in: bread and hummus. Desperate wishes for coffee. Lunch in a pub buried amongst the very history of a sea town. Sunset in Provincetown and the breeze carrying in the scent of fireworks freshly flown; sulfur. I drank mulled wine from a paper cup.

It’s the end of the day and I’ve just now seen a clock. Fifteen full hours oblivious to the time. We should all practice this more: time blindness. The willingness and ability to ignore time, for a time. To be fully present while with friends. To set aside agendas or itineraries and let whim and whimsy set the course.

It’s the sense of being happy and held.