Bali & Sydney, Day 3

In an effort to make these posts remotely interesting, I’ve extracted some bits from the journal I wrote while traveling, and filled in some gaps.

My plane lands in Bali after a six hour flight from Sydney.

Our plane landed in Bali and we were shuttled from the plane to the airport itself. Once inside, we walked through a cavernous room of which the members of our arriving flight were the only visible souls, save for the customs agents. Customs itself took all of 20 seconds and a quick x-ray of my bag.

Entering into the airport proper delivered a blast of heat so immense that I was immediately wiping sweat from my forehead. As soon as you step into the exit zone of the airport you are verbally—and to an extent physically—bombarded by taxi drivers looking for your business. Dozens at once. There must have been 40–50 in all.

I changed $200 to Indonesian Rupiahs and bought a SIM card for my phone. Called Wayan [my first host] about pickup but there’d been a misunderstanding on my part. He suggested I get a cab, an experience that proved stressful and confusing.

After some haggling, I find a cab, one that I find out later I’ve still massively overpaid for. The drive takes almost two hours but finally I arrive at my homestay in the village of Bresela, which lies in the district of Payangan, within the larger Gianyar Regency.**

We sat and drank tea, getting to know each other in the closing dusk.