I rode the late bus home tonight. Two AM from Mission and 16th back to the Panhandle. On the 5, I was sitting in front of two men having this conversation, which I had the gross displeasure of overhearing.

Dude, there were some *MILFs at that party.”**

“Dude, yea, some serious MILFs.”

“Dude, like as soon as I grew up, I realized how hot MILFs are. Yo, you know my friend Mustafa?”


“He like *only goes after MILFs. I’ll show him this hot girl our age and he’ll be like nah, but then he’ll show me like some 35 year old woman he’s into.”*

“And does he get in that?”

“Yea, dude. The first time he ever had sex was with like a hot 30 year old. The thing is that he just knows what he wants and goes after it.”

“Dude, that’s awesome.”

“Yea, I got mad respect for him.”

Remember, men: girls are yours for the taking. Just say what you want and then go “get in that”. That’s how you earn the respect of your bros.

*For those uninitiated, this is the popular acronym for Mothers I’d Like to Fuck.