Whole humans

There is a poison in the manner with which a youthful person sees an elder. I’ve noticed it within myself, and I will wager it resides in many of my peers.

We see people of a certain age as flat. We see them as world-weary shells devoid of an adventurous spirit. We assume that they’ve lived simply and lived little. We do this because we cannot make the cognitive leap to associate the person before us with someone like ourselves: youthful, adventurous, risk-taking. Their genteel nature is seemingly indicative of a small life.

When you’re of old age, will your children’s children assume that you’ve traveled on four continents or helped start a globally recognized brand? Will they assume you’ve dined with celebrities or fought for women’s rights? They might not.

So endeavor always to see others as whole humans, ones who hold within them a wealth of experience invisible to the untrained eye.