Recap: March 2017

Back in 2012, I funded Cesar Kuriyama’s project “1 Second Everyday”, an app he built and named after his TED talk of the same name. When the app was first released, I used it diligently, but over the course of several months I forgot, with increasing frequency, to record my one second of video each day, eventually stopping altogether. I had only recently purchased an iPhone, and while its video capability was comparable in quality to the digital camera I’d used previously, I wasn’t accustomed to casually shooting video.

Last year, when I upgraded my phone, I was able to start taking advantage of Apple’s brilliant Live Photos feature. Suddenly, just by taking a photo each day, I had three seconds of video. When I heard that the 1 Second Everyday app had updated to support Live Photos, I decided to give it another shot.

So far in 2017, I’ve logged a second every day. Here’s March.