Recap: July & August 2017

It is the beginning of September, and July 1st seems like a decade ago.

  • I spent the first week of July in Vermont with family. I painted; I swam; I wrote; I recorded voiceovers for the next episode of my then-as-yet-unnamed podcast.
  • After arriving back in the Bay, I had a short stint living in West Oakland. Next door to the house was a carwash. A wall around the parking lot was decorated with statues of horse heads. Most of the horses were missing noses.
  • I spent a week housesitting for Shonna in Lower Haight; I celebrated Caroline’s birthday; I saw Now Now with Alex; I caught up with Valerie as she passed through San Francisco for a day; I saw Danger perform a set and danced my ass off, blissfully alone.
  • Dece Scouts drove north to Trinity Alps and basked in the majesty of Siligo Peak.
  • Mike and I had a tiny picnic on the Embarcadero. It was mercilessly windy. We ate sandy raspberries.
  • Dave and I saw Mystery Science Theater 3000 perform their live show.
  • Cait and I rode coasters at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk; “swam” in the ocean; fell asleep on the beach.
  • I hosted a small Camp Grounded reunion in Golden Gate Park. Windflower roasted marshmallows on the spot with a crème brûlée torch.
  • On the first day of August, I published my first podcast!
  • Dece Scouts threw a belated one-year anniversary in Dolores Park.
  • I flew to New York and watched Sean and Katie be wed to one another.
  • I watched, with weak knees, as Spencer proposed to Michelle on the Brooklyn Promenade.
  • I worked as a counselor at Camp Wonderful; as ever, camp changed my life in myriad, tiny ways.
  • At a bar in the Lower East Side, I celebrated the birthday of a new camp friend and a successful camp with a bunch of my new buddies.
  • As the month came to a close, I flew north to Burlington to spend Memorial Day weekend with family.