In March 2017, when I moved out of my apartment, I decided to paint in every place I visited. What follows is a timeline, of sorts, representing the places I’ve spent time in since then.

Myrtle-Wyckoff (L/M)
Brooklyn, NY (September 10–September 19)
Fall is coming.
Benson, VT (August 30–September 9)
Camp Wonderful
Tolland, MA (August 22–August 28)
Sean and Katie get married
Brooklyn, NY (August 10–August 21)
Santa Cruz; Trinity Alps; Camp Grounded Reunion
San Francisco, CA (July 11–August 9)
Perch Pond
Benson, VT (June 19–July 10)
Brooklyn, NY (May 31–June 18)
Camp Grounded
Fort Bragg, CA (May 19–May 21)
FORM Festival
Arcosanti, AZ (May 12–May 14)
San Francisco, CA (May 2–May 8)
Berkeley, CA (April 19–May 1)
San Francisco, CA (April 12–April 18)
Burlington, VT (March 28–April 12)